Accion Systems, a startup printing advanced propulsion systems, raises $2MM from FF Science, RRE Ventures, Founder Collective, and others to develop its first product and begin filling pre-orders.

January 5, 2015—Accion Systems Inc. announces a $2MM seed round to support product development and initial sales of its ion electrospray propulsion technology. The round was led by FF Science and included RRE Ventures, SDF Ventures, Founder Collective, Galvanize Ventures, Samuel Lessin, Slow Ventures, Tim Tokarsky, Rene Reinsberg, Marek Oszlewski, GettyLab and TechU Angels.

Accion develops advanced electric propulsion systems that provide critical capabilities for small satellites. Over the past year, the team has started taking pre-orders for their first product, which is in development and will launch later in 2015. Accion CEO and founder Natalya Brikner says “our unique propellants and novel manufacturing techniques let us break from slow, expensive aerospace tradition and leverage advances in areas like 3D printing and nanofabrication”.

This round of fundraising will support product development and sales, R&D into next-generation materials and manufacturing techniques, and hiring. Accion is currently looking for engineers, materials scientists and a sales and business development person. Interested candidates can apply at

About Accion Systems Inc.
Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Cambridge MA, Accion Systems Inc. develops advanced technologies for the new space industry. The company's propulsion systems are some of the first that can turn affordable satellites into capable ones. Learn more at